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There are some kinds of hair removal methods

If your hair is long like a boy, what are you waiting for? Pull out the trilogy and pick the action you like! Your goal this year is to be a "hairless girl".

Hair removal method 1 Pulling Advantages: Removing the hair will cause the hair follicle tissue to gradually shrink, so the hair that grows will become thinner and weaker. At the same time, the hair removed, the growth cycle is longer, often separated by half a month, will be "out of the box" again, do not have to do it regularly. Disadvantages: In the process of pulling out, it is not only necessary to spend a lot of effort, but also more painful. Another big drawback is that if it is not handled properly, it will easily damage the skin tissue and cause inflammation or infection. Note: You can open a small "test field" in a certain area first, and remove it in a small area to see if there is any violent reaction. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the skin disinfection and convergence steps after plucking. Selection method: The most traditional is to use the tweezers to remove directly, but it is too cumbersome. You can also go to the beauty salon to make beeswax to remove hair. It is also the principle of using the plucking, until the wax condenses the hair and takes it away together. The most advanced is the "pick-up" shaving machine, which is more suitable for a wide range of hair removal, and often has the function of skin chilling to reduce the pain, but the hair is too short and too thin, it may not be very good. Suitable area: those hairs that are particularly dark and extremely thick can be used in this way. More suitable for small areas of hair removal.

Hair removal method 2 Shaving Advantages: very convenient, easy to operate, basically no pain. Disadvantages: The growth rate is very fast, basically need to be shaved every day or every other day. In addition, the hair will appear thicker when it first grows out. This is because shaving is equivalent to cutting off the hair. The hair that grows does not grow from the "head" but from the "waist". So it will look particularly dark and thick. Note: Once you decide to use this method, please shave it every day, otherwise the "small thorns" that grow out will not only be ugly, but also have a stinging touch. At the same time, after shaving, be sure to apply lotion in time to moisturize the rubbed skin. Selection method: It is safer to use an electric shaver, but the cleanliness may not be high enough. Regular replacement of the cutter head can increase the efficiency of cleaning. The "scraper" needs to pay attention to avoid scratching the skin, it is best to use the kind of safety protection when purchasing. Suitable area: large area hair removal, especially limbs, it is relatively convenient to operate, especially suitable for those who have a wide and dense hair growth area.

Hair removal method 3 off Advantages: It feels safer and does not touch the sharp weapon. The growth cycle after fading is also relatively long, once a month. Disadvantages: It is cumbersome to operate and needs to be carried out in the bathroom. At the same time, it is often difficult to remove the net phenomenon, and there may be odor. Note: Do not use hair removal products frequently, otherwise it will cause damage to the skin. After the removal, it must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the paste from remaining on the body. Selection method: The method of hair removal at home is basically only the use of products such as hair removal cream, please be sure to purchase from the regular way, otherwise the chemical agent is very easy to hurt the skin. Another method of hair removal is to go to the hospital, that is, laser hair removal is to "burn" the hair follicles, resulting in long-lasting hair removal. Remember, the darker the hair, the better it is for laser hair removal. Suitable area: where the hair is soft, it may be easier to remove, and the hair under the arm is not suitable.





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